Are YOU ready to learn how this 47 year old MOM of 5 lives the lifestyle she does and has created SUCCESS in all areas of her life?!

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The Nancy Lifestyle – All personally written by Nancy and responsible for changing the lives of 1000’s Worldwide.

You will have

An extensive clean foods list
What foods I personally buy for all of us (Mom of 5)
What I eat daily
Meal guidelines you can follow
My personal gym based workout routine (days of week, what body parts I train, what exercises I do and the reps and sets for all)
Extra workout splits that I do (so you can find something that works for the days you train)
Sample home workout I would use if I trained at home
My Fitness/nutrition tips
My Lifestyle tips


Tips for scheduling your week, month, year and how I do my personal calendar

Tips for organizing your LIFE. Down to how I organize rooms, drawers and simplified my life as a Mom of 5, wife and business owner.

These added tips are ultimately what have allowed me to accomplish and stay committed to all you will find in my lifestyle. It’s really in the simplifying of life, top to bottom, inside and out, that allows us to reach goals, accomplish tasks and OWN OUR LIVES.

You will have 50+ pages of my lifestyle at your fingertips. No pics, no fluff, no lace. Just my exact life “on paper”.  Simple, easy and life changing!



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